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In Secrets, Volume One of the Clockwork Skies series, we explore a history where the American Revolution hasn't yet happened and underground races have mingled with life in the Victorian Age. Part dystopian fiction, part alternative history, and definitively steampunk, Secrets will take you to a past like you've never imagined.



It's the late 1800s in the height of the great victorian age of England. A tyrant king still sits the throne, wielding his monarchy as a cudgel to dominate the geflings enslaved by the crown. His ambition knows no bounds, and now his eyes are set on the rest of the world.


In a dystopian world where water is precious beyond measure, an army of clockwork soldiers, zeppelins, and all manner of steampunk wonders fill the empire in service of the king's greed.


Free the geflings.

Free the people.

May you always stay dry.

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